Hybrid User Testing

Remote Testing
for Hardware &
Pre-Market Products

About the Service

When you’re developing an unreleased product or optimizing your existing hardware and mixed ecosystem solution, confidentiality is key. In-person testing is the only way to guarantee IP protection while allowing users to physically interact with a product. With limited timelines and travel restrictions, in-lab research may not always be feasible for your team. That’s why we offer a hybrid testing solution that lets you run research remotely while users test the product in one of our labs. No safety or security compromises necessary.

How does it work? It’s simple. You tell us which of our locations you want to run research, when you want it to happen, and send us your product or prototype. We handle all research ops, including participant recruiting, and one of our team members is physically onsite during testing to manage participants and lab tech. Your target users are brought in the lab, and you moderate sessions remotely from the comfort of your home or office.

What Sets Us Apart
Hardware, mixed ecosystems, and pre-market products have special considerations when it comes to research – realistic testing environments are a big one. Our labs can be configured to become the most natural environment for your product and allow for a completely brand blind experience if necessary. The right lab set up puts participants at ease and allows the highest quality insights to be collected. We’ve staged our space to be everything from a hospital room and office to a mall kiosk and living room.

Our Value

We take the burden off your team and have thought through each element to ensure a seamless research experience for both you and your participants. By running hybrid testing with UEGroup, you save time and money without the need to travel and gain control state-of-the-art usability facilities from anywhere in the world with confidence knowing product confidentiality is a top priority.

We work alongside you to create a solution tailored to your product’s needs, whether it is OOBE or a cutting-edge medical device. With multiple cameras for ideal angles and picture-in-picture viewing, our labs make it feel like you’re there and participants don’t know the difference. We also include encrypted live streaming so all members of a team can be part of the research experience tuning in when sessions take place or circling back to the on-demand library when they’re ready.

We make testing easy

• Lab locations in San Jose, CA and Purdue University

• Ability to fill complex, niche recruits

• Full research ops management, from participant scheduling and compensation to tech maintenance 

• Controlled testing environments that prioritize confidentiality

• Onsite contact and tech management during testing 

• Encrypted live streaming and on demand video uploads

See the Set Up

Due to project confidentiality, we aren’t able to disclose project specifics. However, we can share that recent hybrid testing has been run for entertainment and streaming services. In the image to the left, you can see a typical hybrid test set up in our San Jose lab. 

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