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The Emotion Scale was developed to capture and quantify user emotions during UX research. The Emotion Scale can be used to reveal how users really feel during various research methodologies including usability testing, diary and longitudinal studies, focus groups, and out-of-box studies. The Emotion Scale allows participants to self-report up to 2 emotions at any stage during a CX journey and presents those emotions visually for easy interpretation.
Emotion and
Throughout research we found that when asked “How are you feeling?”, people struggled to find words to describe their emotions. The Emotion Scale provides a standard set of emotions that aids participant reflection and allows for researchers to easily quantify and map the data. In order to determine how a user is feeling, participants are asked to select between 9 emotions and 5 intensity levels.
Emotion Scale
Participants are asked to self-report their emotion on a scale with 9 emotions plotted along one axis and 5 levels of intensity along the other axis. Emotions range from angry to delighted and colors are associated with each emotion. Emotion words and color act as visual aids to help the user think about and express their feelings. Once emotions are captured at various stages of the product experience, the data is presented as a visual journey and can be looked at diagnostically to identify negative feelings and correct problems associated that experience to align with overall product goals.
Two Emotion
At any moment, multiple emotions can be felt and experienced. It’s possible to be both interested, but slightly confused all at the same time. Because it’s human nature to feel, the Emotion Scale lets a user report more than one feeling to get closer to an accurate representation of their own emotion. In turn, allowing for two emotions to be captured and recorded lets researchers explore those feelings deeper and discover the root cause of those feelings, whether positive or negative.
Should I use the Emotion Scale?
One thing we all have in common is emotions, but at times they are difficult to express, especially when put on the spot, and even harder to capture. We recognize the critical role emotions play in driving consumer decisions and behavior and strive to not only understand these reactions, but also turn them into a visual and easy to understand data point. Emotions play a role in purchasing behavior and influence every day decisions. Something so central to all of our lives needs to be understood and taken into account when creating products. The Emotion Scale is a valuable tool for every industry to understand the story between consumer and product and opens the door to more meaningful conversations with the people who matter most to your business.

The Emotion Scale is an agile and affordable method for understanding emotions. It enables research participants to quickly and accurately convey how they feel throughout a product experience and does so in a way that is easy for researchers to quantify and communicate. The end result allows researchers and stakeholders to show a multifaceted emotional journey in a visual and meaningful way through self-reported emotional data.
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