Why Strategy Matters

Whether you are part of a large, established organization or an entrepreneur just getting your business off the ground, there is no doubt that having a User Experience and Customer Experience strategy will benefit your business in several important ways:
Creates brand and interaction consistency across all the major touchpoints
Minimizes risk
Allows every member of the organization to work off the same “play book”
Pinpoints areas where the greatest investment is needed
Reduces waste from dead-end design and research work
Improves the experience for your valuable customers and users
Provides ongoing guidance for the evolution of your product or service


Our focus is on achieving your organizational and business goals by creating a winning strategy that engages your users and validates your assumptions. We achieve this by using a variety of methods, but we start by listening to you. You know your business goals, technical capabilities, and time to market needs better than anyone else. Based on an understanding, we can use a variety of techniques to arrive at a recommended strategy that is unique to your needs.
  • Project owners
  • Software developers
  • In-house UX team
  • SMEs
  • Business goals
  • Known in-house information
  • Competitive landscape
  • Literature studies
  • User research (need, value, biases)
  • Define the product/brand ecosystem
  • Design philosophy
  • Use of AI, Machine Learning, AR/VR
  • Conceptual designs
  • Interactive demos
  • Product/service design plan
  • Consistent touchpoint
  • Clear customer journeys
  • Product roadmap
  • Defining ongoing success metrics
  • Whatever you need
  • Trust UEGroup’s unique experience, with the world’s leading companies, to deliver creative and winning UX/CX strategies for your business.
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