UEG Approach to Usability Testing
Usability Testing is one of the best ways to gain insights about an existing or early-stage design. At UEGroup, our turnkey agile usability testing process delivers real insights with paper prototypes, interactive mockups, proofs of concept, or nearly finished products. Our capability includes in-lab and remote testing nationally and internationally and we handle all the recruiting and compensation of participants. The process starts by recruiting people that match your product’s demographic and inviting them to our state-of-the-art research facility, a partner facility, or an online destination. We ask them to perform a series of real-world tasks using your product and carefully record their actions and emotional responses. Then our usability experts analyze your product’s performance and provide you with detailed findings and recommendations.
our experience in your area of expertise
your product through
your customer’s eyes
issues that cause
confusion or
conversion rates
a more positive
user experience
costly design or
successful products that users love
How can Usability Testing
benefit my business?
Usability testing is smart business. Identifying and correcting usability problems up front will cost a fraction of the cost of writing new software, remanufacturing, changing websites, updating instructions, doing QA, not to mention lost sales. When you look at it as a cost that is amortized over the life of the product, there is no better, and smarter, investment you can make.
types of Usability Testing can UEGroup do?
At UEGroup, we have the experience and expertise to recommend custom solutions to fit your needs and your budget.
Any Location
  • Our state-of-the-art lab facilities
  • Portable lab for remote testing
  • On-site in offices or homes
  • International testing facilities
  • Any Format
  • Single User
  • User Pairs
  • Small Groups
  • Benchmarking
  • Conversion Analysis
  • Any Device
  • Desktop & laptop computers
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Set-top boxes
  • Consumer devices
  • Medical devices
  • Any Approach
  • Agile testing for rapid turnaround
  • Formal reporting for more in-depth analysis
  • Quantitative or qualitative testing
  • Any Industry
  • Consumer
  • Medical
  • Enterprise
  • Gaming
  • Entertainment
  • Other
  • Our Facilities
    Our state-of-the art facilities can be configured to test just about any product or service. We pride ourselves on creating realistic and comfortable room environments for our tests to put participants immediately at ease. Common configurations include home office, corporate office, living room, TV room, and even children’s play room. Our unique “virtual mirror” allows visiting observers to see what is going on in the test room in HD video or pure VGA/DVI.
    Our Technology
    We use a variety of technologies throughout our usability testing sessions, such as video and audio capturing, screen mirroring, emotion reporting, and eye tracking. Our approach involves creating a natural setting to test in while avoiding the use of any obtrusive equipment.
    Eye Tracking Approach
    Eye tracking allows you to optimize the effectiveness of your product by understanding the areas grabbing users' attention as well as what is consistently being missed. We collect this data passively during usability testing and translate it into meaningful analysis and visualizations. Confidently inform your next design iteration and increase conversion rates by understanding how users move through and interact with your software or website.
    does the Usability Testing process work?
    Of course every project is unique, but at UEGroup we follow a proven process to deliver successful results every time.
    • Clearly define project goals and expectations
    • Provide a customized approach to meet your needs—and your budget
    • Recruit participants based on your target demographic
    • Schedule and plan testing sessions
    • Compensate users for their participation
    • Provide a natural, comfortable testing environment
    • Conduct remote testing anywhere in the world
    • Utilize rapid Agile methods or formal user testing approaches
    • Provide live moderation or user-guided sessions
    • Test multiple iterations
    • Analyze findings and prepare reports
    • Highlight strengths and potential issues
    • Communicate key messages to your team
    • Make recommendations to improve user experience
    • Assist with design and/or development as needed
    is the best time to do
    Usability Testing?
    It’s never too early or too late to learn how users work with your product! UEGroup can provide testing at any phase of a product’s lifecycle.
  • Capture your customer’ ideas
  • Make early trade-offs
  • Evaluate direction
  • Needs Analysis
  • Discover needed features
  • Identify unmet needs
  • Prioritize requirements
  • Prototype Testing
  • Validate early directions
  • Experiment with alternatives
  • Make changes cheaply
  • Design Refinement
  • Evolve a finished design
  • Streamline interaction
  • Increase usability
  • Final Reality
  • Catch “show stoppers”
  • Reduce support costs
  • Validate release
  • Competitive
  • Usability evaluation
  • Compare feature offerings
  • Measure customer reactions
  • Ongoing Performance
  • Measure success
  • Continually improve
  • Prepare for next version
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