UEG Approach to Remote Research
At UEGroup, we understand that you need to get answers from your users to make product decisions confidently and quickly. When your timeline or budget doesn’t allow you to travel in person to get those answers, remote research is a great way to gain insights from the people who matter to your business.

We work with you to identify your target audience, assemble a test plan that will achieve your research goals, and deliver reports and recommendations quickly to keep your product team moving forward. Our capabilities include remote testing for various methodologies nationally and internationally, and we handle all recruiting and compensation of participants.
We conduct Moderated remote research and
Unmoderated remote research for these industries

Our Remote Research
Diary Study
  • OOBE Documentation
  • Longitudinal Studies
  • Emotional Journeys
Diary studies allow us to learn and see the different ways users integrate your product into their daily routine over the course of a week or longer. UEGroup will expertly plan the written, photo, and video prompts that will allow us to collect rich insights and answer the questions you’ve been asking about what happens once your product goes home with users.
Remote Interviews
  • Friendly Pairs, Triads or Spouse
  • Concept Testing
  • In-Depth Interviews (IDI)
  • Live Unboxing (OOBE)
Remote interviews can be leveraged to gain insight about a new concept, understand the needs of subject matter experts (SMEs), and even watch live unboxings that take place in the comfort of the user’s own home. These interviews could also be done with more than just one user at a time; UEGroup can recruit “friendly” pairs or even triads to take part in a larger conversation.
Online Usability Testing
  • Benchmarking
  • A/B Testing
  • Remote Eye Tracking
  • Rapid UT
During online usability testing, we are able to determine what works well in a given interface or experience as well as isolate the areas for improvement. We use a variety of metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), ratings, rankings, and more to identify user pain points, as well as collect qualitative feedback to get a more complete picture of the experience.
Recorded Interactions
  • POV Research
  • Remote Ethnography
  • Constant Activity Monitoring (CAM)
Recorded interactions provide contextual insight into a user’s experience and allow us to view it from the user’s perspective, exposing unique challenges and issues they face during interaction. Valuable insight into positives, issues, shortcomings, and opportunities for the product and a better understanding of how users interact with the product in its natural environment can be gained from this methodology.
Remote Focus Groups
  • Group Interviews
Group interviews and activities conducted remotely allow multiple customers from around the world to collaborate and discuss topics, ideas, and opinions that are valuable to your product’s concept and design. Group discussions uncover attitudes, beliefs, experiences, and reactions that can freely be explored in a multi-individual setting.
Remote Ideation
  • Interactive Ideation
Through remote interactive ideation methods, users can contribute to a shared design space and exchange their ideas in a creative, visual way. Remote ideation allows for new ideas to emerge from your target users.
Digital Intercepts
Digital intercepts are a way to remotely ask questions the moment your customers are using your product at the place they are using it. Questions can be asked and answered quickly with little effort to reveal your customers' in-the-moment feelings while using your product, in what context they are using it, and why they are using your product.
Quantitative Methods
Quantitative methods quickly capture information that can be expressed as a quantity or percentage to show how your customers objectively interact with your product and their level of performance and success, as well as their subjective experience such as satisfaction or the perceived ease of using your product. This information also allows for comparisons between products or iterations of the same product.
Surveys are a valuable way to obtain a large amount of data in a short amount of time. The format of questions can be very unique and diverse to answer the key research questions for the study without requiring participants to come in person to our facility. This also makes it easier to reach a broad audience across the country and even across the world. With larger data sets, we can then perform statistical analysis to evaluate significance and identify trends.
Card Sorting
With the use of remote tools, UEGroup allows individuals to engage in card sorting activities to help inform the information architecture and organization of your product. This method of research encourages users to group topics into categories that make the most sense to them, allowing your product to be more intuitive from the start.
Expert Review
Using domain or subject matter experts, a product can be reviewed to pinpoint the most common and egregious user experience issues in a design before it is released. Expert reviews can reduce the cost of research since, in some cases, they can be done by a user research expert, eliminating the need to recruit for and run a formal research study with users.
We Also Offer
Capturing and Tracking User Emotions

UEGroup’s proprietary tool for self-reporting emotions can be incorporated into almost any methodology in order to reveal what other standard metrics may overlook. The emotional journey paints a detailed picture of the exact moments where the user began to feel interested or delighted, as well as those where confusion and frustration began to sink in. For example, youXemotions can be used in a diary study, remote usability test, survey, as well as interviews with individuals or groups.

Encrypted Live Streaming of Sessions
To get the richest insights, research must take place wherever your users are. When testing remotely, we make it easy for you and your team to watch the sessions live or access them at a later time that is convenient for you. We offer encrypted live streaming for a select number of research methodologies, and all session recordings are uploaded to an on-demand video library that is password protected. At UEGroup, we understand that you want to see how participants are performing and we make it simple to view the research in real time without interrupting the session or watch it later, all from the comfort of your home, office or on the road.
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