Case Study: Reinventing Border Inspections

See how we transformed a complex global security system into an efficient solution, through scalability, data visualizations, streamlined interfaces, error prevention, and customization for smarter, faster border inspections.

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Explore how you can implement these techniques to enhance your own complex system design.

See our Framework First Approach to balance competing goals from users, stakeholders, and system limitations from the beginning

Uncover the mechanics of constructing visual narratives that are more than just graphics; they’re strategic tools

Learn how to bring clarity and confident decision making to complex data sets through data visualizations & customization

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When S2 Global needed to utilize some of the world’s most advanced detection technology to efficiently run global security operations, UEGroup was selected to redesign the system. Watch the video to hear the project’s designers and stakeholders share:

  • How clarity was brought to sea of data through flexible role views and data-storytelling
  • The role-based approach that provided new levels of productivity for users at all levels
  • How user and client needs were balanced and met with the final design
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