Free ChatGPT Report: Consumer Attitudes Driving AI Adoption

Discover how organizations can increase some of the intrinsic trust that already exists with AI and leverage technology, like ChatGPT, to enhance the human experience across industries.

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This free report offers a high-level look at our mixed-methods research study. To get access and learn not only how people want to use AI, but why, enter the information below.

Learn the 5 core values
that drive AI adoption across 3
AI-assisted scenarios

Know how to increase
consumer trust and where to
integrate AI into your business

Uncover insights from
country-wide survey
and in-depth interviews

Full Research Package Available for Purchase

The free research brief offers a high-level look user research survey and interview findings around ChatGPT use cases and consumer attitudes. There are more findings to discover in the full report, available for purchase. ChatGPT Research Package includes:

  • Detailed report including all emotion mapping and ratings
  • In-depth responses and participant videos
  • Raw survey and interview data
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