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Benchmark your product with the UEG Score

The UEG Score is a benchmarking method used to represent participants’ user experience during user testing. The key components of the entire user experience are represented in the UEG Score; its algorithm considers observed behavior, participant feedback, and emotions to represent the entire user experience during user testing. Over time you can refer to this score to see how your product has improved.

A score of 8 or above indicates that participants performed successfully on most or all tasks, reported above average ratings of the product, and felt delighted after using it.
An average score of 5 demonstrates that some work still needs to be done to improve the user experience of your tool. A score lower than 4 suggests that the product has some severe UX issues to address.

Should i use the UEG Score?
The UEG Score is a robust and quantifiable way of measuring your products’ improvement over time or against other products in the industry. It also acts as a communication tool for your clients and stakeholders to demonstrate UX patterns over time. Track research insights and design recommendations to your products’ UEG Score to help tell the story of your product and its UX growth.
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