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At a Glance

Spine surgery is a complex procedure and accuracy is critical. One wrong move could potentially paralyze the patient. The OR staff rely on many products to help during surgery, but the products don’t function together under one system making surgery longer and more complex.


NuVasive reached out to us to combine all of their inter-operative spine surgery products into Pulse, an integrated platform to create more efficient spine surgeries. Taking on NuVasive’s challenge, we created a truly unified solution unlike anything in the space. The value of each product was interwoven into one experience with multiple touchpoints, providing a tailored experience for everyone in the operating room.

The Challenge

This was a challenge of ultimate complexity in an unforgiving environment. We needed to do more than make a safe product to use in surgery. We needed to combine 5 unique products into one, represent 6 neuromonitoring modalities in one visualization, and enable at least 4 different user types to interact with the system and access unique information at once. All of this needed to come together in a seamless experience creating fluidity between product boundaries, driving efficiency and confidence for the surgical staff and spine procedure.

The Challenge Image
How we did it

We had a head start understanding the environment and use cases because we previously worked with NuVasive creating their MVM5 products that were to be integrated into Pulse. With this foundation, we were able to start crafting a strategy for how all of these products could seamlessly come together.


Unlike other major redesigns, this project included no research. We had to rely on demos, our knowledge of spine surgery, and our expertise in creating modular scalable systems to accomplish this design. With iterative design cycles, workshops, and cadaver labs, we invented new visualization methods to express complex surgical ideas, created easy trouble shooting methods, and unique interaction models to fit each user type’s needs.


Our expertise in system design unlocked Pulse’s potential. Our modular approach prioritizes flexibility and scalability that allows the framework to adapt from the large surgical screen, to laptops and tablets for specialized tasks. We took a holistic look at the surgical experience considering users beyond the surgeon so each role in the OR can access the power of Pulse with a unique view designed specifically for their needs. The design surfaces key information in custom visualizations enabling surgical insights and providing unmatched confidence and efficiency.


As more products are added and devices are connected, the system grows in power, combining features from multiple products into one layered interactive plane. Custom designed visualizations weave together 5 products, while our modular approach to system design leaves room to grow as technology advances. Pulse is the first integrated platform for spine surgery of its kind and is available on the market receiving rave reviews from Surgeons.

“NuVasive’s Pulse platform provides an unmatched surgical experience due to its responsive and optimized workflow features. The benefits of the advanced navigation and imaging, coupled with neuromonitoring, allow for optimized outcomes for patients, while gaining impactful efficiencies for my OR staff and hospital system.”

Juan Uribe, MD, Chief of the Division of Spinal Disorders at Barrow Neurological Institute via

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