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Inclusive UX Design

The inclusive design process aims to create products that are accessible, usable, and welcoming to as many users as possible along the wide range of human diversity. Not only is reducing barriers of exclusion an ethical responsibility, but companies can maximize their customer base by expanding who can participate in their product experience.

With a focus in mission critical environments and systems, we are experts at designing for situations that don’t have cut and dry solutions. Our inclusive design process is grounded in gathering user insights to design better methods of information consumption, accommodation of multiple user roles, and flexible interfaces embracing constraints as a launch point, not a roadblock. The result is adaptable and inclusive UX design that reduces error and services user needs.

Whether your product has yet to be developed or needs an accessibility overhaul, we specialize in the following services:

  • Website compliance audit
  • Design for ADA , WCAG compliance, and 508 standards
  • Accessible user testing
Inclusive UX
The Impact on Your Business

From project commencement, UEGroup is committed to delivering product design and customer insights suited for the broadest range of human characteristics. Incorporating inclusive UX design practices creates a more valuable and usable product experience and avoids aftermarket issues.

Chris standing up holding his daughter Elva
Senior UX designer
Inclusive design isn’t a noble thing or ‘helping people’ or a nice-to-have; it’s a way of designing where you’re taking the diverse needs of your users into account and trying not to exclude anyone based on what has historically been considered a ‘normal’ user, because there really is no such thing as normal.

Meet Our
Inclusion Expert

At UEGroup, Blair Koeneman, our senior UX designer, is laying the foundation for inclusive UX design in all the products we touch. She sets the initial standards for projects and ensures they are designed to exceed expectations and educates outside organizations to bring accessibility UX/UI design best practices to their own teams.

Blair specializes in solving complex system design challenges for leading companies across healthcare, aerospace, and the cyber security space. She noticed the gaps that occur when tech companies are rapidly cranking out products without considering the needs of those who might be getting ignored in the process. By bringing this knowledge to UEGroup, she successfully ensures client products exceed accessibility and inclusivity expectations.

Speaking about her own journey and learnings at conferences and events, Blair helps educate others on how to design with inclusivity in mind and shares resources to get started. Watch Blair’s most recent speaking engagement and take a look at her recommended resources below for getting your team started in inclusive UX design.

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