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About the Service

There are countless user research tools on the market, each promising to be the end all be all. The problem is they are expensive, limit you to a specific methodology, and don’t provide feedback from real experts along the way to ensure you’re maximizing their value. That’s why we’ve created the Insight Stack: a flexible research solution that allows you to hand-select the research methods, user research tools and design concepts you need in a custom bundle to get your team answers. All backed by a dedicated researcher at every step for the highest quality.

Launch research and request design support when and where you need it with results delivered 24 hours-1 week from project launch. Insight Stack is purposefully flexible to work the way your team does – single projects, bundled for a discount, or subscription for teams running frequent research. Everything’s included in your stack: participant recruiting, conducting and analyzing research, and rapid reporting with options to power up for those hard to reach recruits or international studies.

What Sets Us Apart
We are a single vendor that gives you access to more research variety, replacing the need for multiple costly tool subscriptions. We use industry-leading user research tools, our own unique tools, and years of research expertise to run the right methods for the job delivering actionable insights every time. By working with us, you get access to it all for a fraction of the price.

Do More of the Research You Need

Every season of business is different, and Insight Stack allows you to pay-as-you-go launching the type of study you need when it makes sense for the project. Not sure what methods you should run? Our trained experts partner closely with your team at each step to strategize and craft the solution to deliver the answers necessary to make decisions. We save you time delivering visual reports in as little as 24 hours and save you money being a single source for all tools and methods.

Everything your team needs is accessible from your Insights Portal. Request new work, live stream sessions, and access all your files from one secure location. Once a new project is requested, your researcher will review and launch in a matter of hours. Manage account roles, keep insights accessible, and easily share findings across teams and stakeholders to keep everyone on the same page.

Mix and match methods to create the perfect research stack 

  • Overnight market research (A/B testing, First click testing)
  • Conversion optimization (Click tracking, heatmaps)
  • Surveys
  • Moderated or unmoderated usability testing
  • Moderated or unmoderated card sort
  • Users and stakeholder Interviews
  • Diary study
  • Design concept creation
  • Mobile and prototype testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • And more!
See it in Practice

When Ford needed a research solution that allowed multiple studies to be run at once across their teams and the research-backed by experts, they came to us. Insight Stack allows Ford to run multiple studies simultaneously across products to inform design sprints and make informed decisions quickly. While we can’t share the findings or product details, research methods being launched are ever-changing based on the team’s goals in the product development cycle and have included surveys, moderated and unmoderated usability testing, overnight market research, and interviews. Their team is given access to request a study directly through the portal, shown on the left, and focus on other responsibilities while we recruit, run, and report out findings.

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