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Surveys are a valuable market research approach to obtain a large amount of data in a short amount of time. Quantitative surveys in particular allow us to quickly capture information on how customers objectively interact with a product and their level of interest, performance, and success. They also allow for comparisons between products or iterations of the same product.

Because participants can complete quantitative surveys from anywhere, on either a mobile device or desktop, it’s easier to reach a broad audience across the country and even across the world. With larger data sets, we perform statistical analysis to evaluate significance and identify trends. While the question format is unique to your organization’s needs, common quantitative survey question types include satisfaction, perceived ease of use, frequency of use, likelihood to use, ratings, Likert scales and net promoter score. 

What Sets Us Apart
At UEGroup, we have our own database that is constantly growing and being vetted to ensure the quality of our survey participants – no “professional test takers”. We not only get the right people to participate, but we also deliver results fast, with findings analyzed and delivered by one of our insights experts in as little as 24 hours after project launch.

Our Value & Deliverables

We take the headache out of planning, handling all research ops end-to-end. Our team recruits and compensates participants, programs your survey, and delivers actionable findings in a matter of days. With real experts behind the scenes making sure all details are accounted for, you can rest easy knowing you'll receive smooth project delivery and statistical accuracy. 

Benefits of working with us

• End-to-end research ops

• Dedicated researcher with you at every step

• Understand user tradeoffs between different concepts or ideas

• Reporting, recommendations and raw data

• Can support niche and specialized recruits

See it in Practice

We teamed up with Ford on their application, FordPass, to quickly inform design iterations and refine their final product. FordPass is built to make the ownership experience better offering remote access to vehicle information, controls, car service needs, and more. Our researchers performed several research sprints to quickly get a pulse on user interest and advise next steps.


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