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User interviews and stakeholder interviews are valuable research methods to inform your product at any point along the product development cycle but can be particularly useful during a project’s discovery phase. We start by listening to you and your project goals, expectations and project “knowns”. We then seek out users, subject matter experts (SMEs) and stakeholders gathering even more knowledge to inform next steps and the rest of our design process.

We typically embark on stakeholder interviews to understand how the key players think and what they value. Understanding goals, business impact, and any internal obstacles help us craft a targeted product plan that delivers on all fronts. User interviews on the other hand are conducted with current or potential product users and allow us to hear out their needs, preferences, potential use cases and the mental models at play to improve product solutions. Users vary based on the product and could be anyone from millennial shopper to orthopedic surgeon. Injecting this type of research early and often helps create a solution that exceeds user and stakeholder expectations.

What Sets Us Apart
We go where your users are to talk to the people that matter most to your product and business. Remote interviews are an efficient and budget-conscious option, but sometimes to get the most out of an interview, it requires being onsite with users where they use the product. We’ve been in operating rooms, aircraft runways, businesses and malls to get organic responses during interviews from users and subject matter experts.   

Our Value 

We balance the tradeoffs between business needs, user needs, and technical constraints. User and stakeholder interviews happen before any design takes place – the insights reflected in the entire design process moving forward. Each design element and deliverable is a reflection of that balance. Interviews can also be conducted alongside additional research methods such as diary studies and ethnography for a deeper level of understanding. Speaking one-on-one allows our researchers to observe surface-level responses and probe further to uncover additional needs, motivation, goals and opinions.

See it in Practice

Stryker partnered with us to create a one-of-a-kind medical device for hip arthroscopy. As the first surgical system of its kind, we had a brief feature list, but no existing designs or competitor products to go off of. Before any design took place, we interviewed stakeholders within Stryker and experienced orthopedic surgeons to understand the requirements that this system would need to satisfy. Backed by their knowledge, we defined and designed the feature set to improve efficiency and patient outcomes while being easy to use inside the operating room.


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