We optimize technology for the best possible human performance
We are no strangers to constraint ridden problems and technical limitations. We bring more than 20 years of commercial expertise translating complex system problems into safe, seamless solutions for the world's top brands across defense, aviation, space, consumer, enterprise, mobility, advanced medical and cybersecurity.
With Active Facility Clearance and Personnel Clearances, UEGroup is ready to support your projects across:
User Interface &
User Experience Design
Human Factors
User Feedback
Expert Domains
Logistics & Sustainment
Effectively managing and tracking personnel and operations is not an easy task, especially on large scale. We design platforms that communicate critical status information, optimizing protocols to mitigate risks and increase success when managing logistics.
Mission Planning
Countless factors can effect the decision making for mission planning. System influence is key to making informed and insightful decisions. We optimize information to weigh tradeoffs and constraints empowering users to make the right strategic decisions in an ever changing environment.
We have partnered with the DoD, military bases all over the country, and collaborated with organizations such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon and more to deliver accurate documentation and intuitive solutions. We’ve also designed new experiences from the ground up that enable a new level of performance and accuracy. Unfortunately, due to the nature of this work, we cannot talk about it publicly.
We enable early threat detection and stronger defense against bad players internally and externally. Our information visualizations rationalize large amounts of deeply technical data to quickly point out potential threats in a sea of information and empower users with varying experience levels to harness the maximum power of the platforms they interact with.
Enterprise Data
We create digestible solutions involving large amounts of information to help individuals achieve greater efficiency in their roles. Our designs accommodate multiple user groups in a single platform helping each user keep track of the people and things they need to. Working with emerging technologies and legacy platforms alike, we create frameworks that empower each role in your organization.
We design based off familiarity and consistency to reduce the time it takes users to learn something new. Drawing inspiration from the everyday applications and technology of users, we incorporate familiar elements and inject guidance throughout a system. Our eye for detail ensures everything is consistent, and we reuse elements across touch points to make sure everything is easy to learn.
Border Control
We simplify information understanding to allow various user roles to quickly and accurately analyze threats across airports, borders, and ports. Cross-industry experience allows us to draw on a wealth of inspiration to apply similar strategies where appropriate. For example, leveraging medical image viewing and manipulation techniques for security imaging to create visualizations that help supervisors oversee operations and analysts perform their daily responsibilities.
Investing in UX
is No Longer a Suggestion
Products that operate within extreme environments, where mistakes are costly and safety is crucial, require unique considerations. User experience (UX) and human systems integration has the power to create seamless experiences bridging digital and physical interactions while simultaneously designing for error prevention, efficiency, and compliance.

Users no longer accept a product that gets them by, they demand a usable solution that effectively helps solve the tasks at hand. UEGroup's cross-industry experience brings deep understanding of human behavior to create solutions that exceed user expectations and business goals. As experts in optimization and product ecosystems, we create single interaction models and tailored data visualizations to streamline complex workflows for increased efficiency, reduced training, and improved information comprehension. Whether you need a solution that integrates with legacy applications or is built to stand alone, UEGroup has your back.
Why it Matters
User Experience & Human Factors Engineering
Improve human performance, situational awareness, effectiveness and safety
Reduce training and increase trust through intuitive products
Rapid system deployment, simplify software development and reduce sustainment costs
Enable work in less-than-ideal lighting and physical conditions
Our People
Celeste Alcon
UEGroup Tactical is a team of trained experts, from internationally recognized UX and HCI programs, bringing a blended background of cognitive science, data analytics, bioengineering, human factors, military logistics, and computer science to your project. With veterans on staff and multiple members holding secret clearances, we bring unique insights and relevant experience to solving problems in this space and can effectively collaborate with DoD personnel, civilians, and contractors alike. We are no strangers to a military base having worked at multiple across the country, interacting with US Navy, Army, Marines, Air Force and friendly foreign forces.
Meet The Team
History of Success
Due to the nature of defense work, there is a lot we can’t show.
Take a look at some examples of complex problems we’ve worked on and can share.
System Complexity & Scalability
We take a framework first approach creating systems around components and communication models that allow a single platform to scale and maintain simplicity. EmbedUR needed a universal framework providing consistency across 3 different products and over 10,000+ devices while allowing users to monitor and configure access points. We created a visual communication system for status and custom visualizations based on tasks and performance data to empower users.
View the Case Study
Error Prevention & Data Visualizations
We understand how humans process information and the impact stress has on interpretation and decision making. For S2 Global, we created a visually innovative and adaptable role-based user experience that unlocked the full potential of their global border security software, maximizing productivity and confidence in inspectors.
View the Case Study
Making Complex Technology Approachable
We humanize systems and emerging technology by creating one-of-a-kind data visualizations to enable new users, and those who may be resistant to change, to effectively perform. Cylance used ML to detect threats that traditional antivirus software could not and needed an interface that allowed effective management of the program. Our inventive design surfaced threat patterns with quickly digestible visual narratives.
View the Case Study
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