Cloud Computing
Design: UX/UI, Visual Design
Research: Expert Review, Stakeholder Interviews
Development: Front-End Development
At a Glance

embedUR Systems creates products that allow for the visualization and management of Wi-Fi access points. They came to us because they wanted to create a universal framework that could provide consistency across their three different products.


We took this a step further by combining these products into one cohesive platform that prioritized data representation and customization to create a visually impressive and efficient solution. While embedUR had a vision for what types of data and controls would be useful to include in their products, little was known about the use cases for these products and who the users would be. This platform also needed to handle 1 to 10,000+ devices in a digestible and visual way. Our challenge was to figure out a way to combine the functionality of their different products in a way that would be compelling to their customers and empower them to effectively manage their devices.

How We Did It

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Simple Design Solution For A Complex Problem

We kicked off this project with stakeholder interviews and an expert review to get a clear understanding of the product functionality and embedUR’s goals. Our initial ideation process involved boiling down the current products’ functionality into their two main use cases: exploring device data and configuring device settings. This allowed us to create a framework that conveys simplicity but allows for scalability in handling any number of devices and flexibility in how each user wants to use the system.


The design allows for users to create their own customizable dashboards that act as a “launch pad” into the mass amount of data they have collected. While drilling down through layers of information, visualization widgets provide data consumption at a glance and the framework makes it easy to take action on devices of interest.

Produce An Impressive Look


embedUR wanted their customers to look at this product and say “wow”. The platform’s visual design evokes a cutting-edge yet approachable feel, impressing customers as a presale tool and allowing data visualization to shine through.

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Development of Complex Features


After successful completion of the design, embedUR re-engaged to have us handle the front-end development. Our developers successfully implemented the design’s complex visualizations and customization features, working with the embedUR back-end team along the way in a collaborative integration process.


While there were many unknowns in the beginning of this project, our team worked with embedUR Systems to design and develop a platform that will win over big customers. Through an expert review and stakeholder interviews, we uncovered embedUR’s main goals and the inner workings of the device to be able to create a design framework that seamlessly combined three individual applications into one product allowing users to exploring device data and configuring device settings for up to 10,000+ devices at a time.


Working through the many facets of this problem resulted in a tool design that can handle a variety of users and a mass amount of devices in a way that feels personal and streamlined, and our team had a hand in each phase from initial research, UX/UI and visual design, and all the way to the final development.

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