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Emerging Technologies
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When people step into a car, they know what to expect and how it operates. When it was time for FMC to create a demonstration design for a next-generation autonomous vehicle dashboard, they came to us.


We set to out to design an original experience that reflected the FMC autonomous vehicle's overall innovation in an area where people have set expectations. They trusted us to create a high quality, innovative interface that considered the cultural differences of international markets using gesture-based interactions to control the menu.


The Challenge

The vehicle had a 4k display across the dashboard and through creative exercises we developed concepts around high-quality comfort and a brand experience that started from stepping inside the car. This process involved exploring how art could be leveraged to create an expressive and unique feeling.

The Challenge Image
The Final

Through an iterative process, we introduced the idea that rather than pressing controls directly on the dashboard, micro-interactions controlled by the vehicle’s passengers manipulated the dashboard content, and an animated person behind the dash appeared to make the selections for you. After iteration and client feedback, the final design concepts were delivered. 

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