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Be confident when taking big steps forward with AI & new technology

AI trust score to launch products with confidence

  • Emotional reaction, non-threatening
  • Perception of reliability & limitations
  • Usable & appropriate
  • Safe & effective

Human-Centered AI design to maximize acceptance

  • Minimize change required for adoption
  • Target high-value use cases
  • Mirrors user’s mental models
  • Contextual awareness even with fixed algorithms

Our human-centered approach promotes & adoption

AI for diagnosis support Robotics IOT Imaging & Navigation Implants Telemedicine monitoring Operating Rooms Medical offices Labs Hospitals Homes Care Facilities Ambulatory Surgery Centers
We help Create unbeatable Products & Experiences

Novel Ideas Within The Confines of Regulation

We design for more than safety and error prevention. With backgrounds across ergonomics, cognitive science, and bioengineering, we get creative to invent high performing solutions that set new standards, increase efficiency, and improve information comprehension.
Reduced minimum click count 28 clicks 12 clicks
“I don’t want to say idiot proof... but it’s pretty surgeon proof.”
- Neurosurgeon in reference to the alignment of the biopsy arm

Set the future Standard with Today’s Designs

Our iterative, evidence-based UX design process creates uniquely fitting products, rigorously tested for ergonomics, effectiveness, and desirability, that stand the test of time. Allowing for seamless integration with legacy systems, new technologies, and interoperability between digital and physical experiences. As you scale so will your solution.
Product Integration 5 products 1 Platform

with a well crafted role based system, All users needs can be met in one interface

See the AI-powered platform merging 5 systems into 1

See the full user & Customer picture for high-impact experiences

Gain clarity on user and customer priorities and limitations to focus your team on high-value product advancements. We conduct generative research to pinpoint and balance diverse perspectives, helping you make confident product decisions and validate portfolio strategies.
“I can maximize my own quality of life (less patients), as well as the quality and length of patients’ lives.”
- Physician participating in focus group
See our Customer Experience Strategy For New Market Entry

our services

Design market winning Products
Design market winning Products
  • Evidence-based digital & physical product design
  • HE-75 compliant UX/UI
  • Ecosystem & Integrated technology design
  • Human-centered product strategy Considering all perspectives: buyers, Doctors, Medical staff, patients, etc.
back decisions with HUMAN FACTORS RESEARCH
back decisions with HUMAN FACTORS RESEARCH
  • Contextual inquiry: hospitals, ORs, Patient Homes, etc.
  • AI Trust & desirability
  • Tradeoff testing for fast decision making
  • Formative testing
  • Heuristic evaluations
  • Usability Testing: In person & Remote
Amplify Brand<br>Touchpoints
Amplify Brand
  • Priority Insights to define the motivating factors that create brand promoters
  • Brand Engagement design
  • OOBE, IFU, & Packaging design

Go beyond safe & effective. Let's create the future of healthcare together.

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Industrial design

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UX & Psychology

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Bioengineering & Human Factors

Tony Fernandes

AI Product Experience

Alice Phipps

Psychology & Behavioral Health

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