Emerging Technologies
Emerging Technologies
Design: UX/UI, Visual Design
Research: Usability Testing
At a Glance

The age of smart cars is upon us, and as a leader in the field, Intel partnered with us to gain an understanding of how new and innovative technologies will shape the driving experience of the near future. 


Intel was interested in testing how digital communications could be introduced and operated in autonomous vehicle environments. We set out to gain insights from potential users through usability testing and ideate how they may use digital content inside the cabin of a smart vehicle. Self-driving cars have the potential to shape our future and present the possibility of enhanced human productivity. However, when the car becomes a data rich environment, how do you deal with issues of privacy and distractions if digital content were to be introduced and accessible through the vehicle?

How we did it

We simulated different scenarios for how social media and digital content may be introduced inside the vehicle’s cabin in a controlled usability test. Our role explored how people would want to use and interact with those simulations to inform design ideation. For example, receiving notifications for tweets or text messages. Following usability testing, we interviewed participants to further understand their preferred response method and to what level they would want digital content inside an autonomous vehicle.


Through usability testing and learnings from interviews, we designed effective strategies for this type of automotive experience that addressed users' concerns over privacy and distractions. The users' experience in this type of environment was at the forefront of our designs.

The Final

We are not able to share specifics of the usability research findings or design solutions due to confidentiality, but our work shaped Intel’s chip product strategy for the automotive industry. Many of those conversations had in research are being adopted in the current generation of autonomous vehicles.

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