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Design: Visual Design, Website and Quickstart Guide, Iconography
Research: Expert Review, Out of Box Experience (OOBE), Usability Testing
At a Glance

Intel approached us to improve their existing foundational IEI Tank IoT developer kit’s out-of-box experience (OOBE) and initial setup. This kit offers computer vision and deep learning engineers the ability to begin exploring graphics acceleration.


An expert review and usability testing of Intel’s OOBE refined our team’s design work to improve the product’s quickstart guide and its accompanying webpages to provide a simple, easy-to-follow, and enjoyable onboarding experience for developers using the kit and be able to provide relevant resources when possible.

The Challenge

When developers are introduced to a new product and begin working with it, they expect a seamless and easy-to-follow setup process. A lack of helpful documentation and guidance can frustrate developers, causing them to turn to competitor products to meet their needs. For this particular project, we were working with a development kit for the Internet of Things, and our challenge was to improve the foundational development kit’s OOBE to avoid product abandonment or user drop-off.

The Challenge Image

“This project was valuable because it increased the accessibility to machine vision capabilities with flexible platform decisions from an easy set up process to giving the developer the control to choose the tools that would be most valuable to them.”

Megan Lee-Thorp, UEGroup UX Researcher

How We Did It

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Insights gleaned from research were addressed in a re-design of the developer kit’s quickstart guide to create a concise, clear, and visual step-by-step procedure. Those findings were also applied to the kit’s webpage to guide developers to additional resources and documentation as seamlessly as possible.


We conducted an expert review of Intel’s developer kit documentation and web resources to uncover usability issues and any low hanging fruit that could be addressed before usability testing of the product. Subsequent usability testing allowed developers to experience the unboxing and setting up process of the developer kit as well as running a few sample projects. The OOBE was found to be generally positive, with developers appreciating the level of support, consistency, and detail available.

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Our design team incorporated what worked well and what could improve developers’ OOBE into a refined design of the quick start guide that made interacting with and using it simple, straightforward, and visually pleasing. The product’s supporting webpage was also redesigned to organize the information clearly and make it easier for developers to navigate to additional resources.


Findings from both an expert review and usability testing uncovered that developers value visual step-by-step procedures that are easy to understand when setting up new kits and appreciate helpful and relevant resources, such as sample projects, that are easy to find and follow. Our design work addressed those needs to create supporting documentation and tools that would improve developer’s overall experience when getting started with the developer kit.

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