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Card sorting activities help inform the information architecture and organization of your product. This method of research encourages users to group topics into categories that make the most sense to them, allowing your product to be more intuitive from the start.

During this type of research we ask participants to sort cards representing a concept, feature or item into categories, either we provide or ones they create on their own, to discover new groupings and mental models. Card sorting as a stand-alone methodology uncovers attitudes, values and preferences of users as it relates to your subject matter and can be incorporated as an activity within other research, such as usability testing or surveys, for even greater insights.

What Sets Us Apart
Without the right process and team in place, research findings get overlooked. Our insight team expertly crafts the right test plan and executes card sorting activities to deliver the highest quality research and actionable insights, giving your team a clear path forward. They are skilled in online tools, in person card sorting, and our own solutions.

Our Approach to Card Sorting

Conduct a moderated cart sort in person or online with one of our insights team members, or an unmoderated card sort for users to work through on their own. We know the importance of understanding the user’s thinking behind sorting decisions. We probe participants to collect that information and find themes between user groupings to implement into your design for greater product ease of use. Whether you decide on moderated or unmoderated, we handle all logistics end-to-end, crafting a plan that works within your timeline and budget.

From talking with surgeons about size tradeoffs for medical implants to speaking with car owners about where they expect to find service history information on their mobile app, we’ve used card sorting to help better prioritize and categorize information.

Card sorts help you:

• Uncover common grouping themes and where users expect information

• Learn how customers would rank items or features

• Understand user tradeoffs between different concepts or ideas

• Design intuitive websites, app, and products or improve existing ones

See It in Practice

Defining the Future of Medical Implants
Boston Scientific Neuromodulation (BSN) was looking to start early development of a next-generation medical implant to provide effective therapy for Chronic Pain and Parkinson’s Patients. We conducted card sorting activities as part of larger focus groups and interviews with surgeons to understand the tradeoffs on the size of the implant versus the features it should include.


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