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Diary studies, also known as longitudinal studies, allow you to gain rich insights and real-time feedback from users as they naturally engage with your product or service over an extended period of time. What makes this method particularly useful is being able to see the different ways users integrate your product into their daily routine to help answer the question, “What happens once my product goes home with people?”

We observe users over the course of even a few days, asking them to complete a series of tasks daily. UEGroup expertly plans these written, photo, and video prompts to gather qualitative data around behaviors, activities, emotions and experiences to intimately understand the customer journey. It can be used as a standalone methodology and budget-conscious alternative to field studies, or complemented with user interviews, ethnography, and other methods to dive even deeper into findings after initial collection.

What Sets Us Apart
We take diary studies further by incorporating our patented emotion technology to paint a detailed picture of the exact moments where the user began to feel interested or delighted, and those where confusion and frustration began to sink in. We help you visualize the full customer journey to create products that connect with your customers on an emotional level with insights only we can deliver.

Our Approach to Diary Studies 

Diary study responses are self-reported by participants, revealing behavioral patterns that we turn into actionable recommendations to help your business remain competitive in your space. Understanding participants and their contexts of use can inform product development, future strategies, zero in on customer needs, and even discover what’s necessary to increase brand loyalty. Our capabilities include all study and test plan setup, participant recruitment, project management and reporting, using our unique tools and process to ensure a smooth experience for both you and research participants.

Diary studies help you gain in-context understanding

• Emotional Journeys

• Customer Journeys

• Out of Box Experience (OOBE) Documentation

See it in Practice

Amping Up Brand Loyalty

Vans was experiencing drops in their loyalty program’s membership and tasked our team with understanding why customers disengage, what competitors were doing well, and getting a sense of how Vans' current offering resonated with consumers. We were challenged to identify how customers engage with competitors and Vans’ programs in real life over the course of a week.


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