Cloud Computing
Design: Customer Journey Visualization
Research: Stakeholder Interviews
Strategy: Leading Company Workshop, Customer Journey
At a Glance

Virtustream, a division of Dell and a provider of cloud computing resources and management, came to us to improve the customer experience of the Virtustream Enterprise Cloud (VEC) white-glove service. We collaborated with internal stakeholders through interviews and a guided workshop to capture the current customer journey and develop an ideal vision for improving this experience and the Virtustream Enterprise Cloud business.


While Virtustream had been very strategic with their VEC service from a business standpoint, little was known about how their process flows as a whole and how their customers feel throughout the lifecycle of the service. The customer’s end-to-end journey spans initial purchase, onboarding, provisioning the cloud environment, ongoing usage, and yearly renewal involving many steps and touchpoints from various Virtustream teams. We needed to develop the ideal solution that would leave their customers feeling empowered and taken care of rather than lost in the process and confused.

How We Did It

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Stakeholder Interviews

Different teams within VEC had different perspectives on the customer experience. We began developing a consolidated understanding of the customer’s experience throughout the product lifecycle by facilitating a series of stakeholder interviews across the various teams, collecting information such as pain points and opportunity areas along the way.


Ideation Workshop

The findings from this initial research were synthesized into a report that we presented at a design workshop at the Virtustream office in Atlanta. After setting the stage with the current customer journey, we led stakeholders though a series of ideation exercises. This workshop allowed an efficient and effective group brainstorm to create an ideal vision of how to streamline this experience for both the customer as well as internal teams.


Customer Journey Visualizations

After collecting volumes of information and ideas, UEGroup created two infographics – one to illustrate the current VEC customer journey and another to illustrate the future vision of the service. These infographics mapped out the various steps involved within each journey and charted key information for each phase along the way, such as customer feelings, touchpoints with various Virtustream teams, how to address painpoints, and opportunities for going above and beyond.

The Final

Combining Virtustream’s service experience and insights with our research and strategy expertise proved to be a powerful collaboration in developing an outstanding and seamless experience for their customer’s end-to-end journey. Leaving Virtustream with these insights captured within visual infographics provided them with materials to always keep their customer’s in mind and a roadmap to success for an ideal service solution. Due to confidentiality, we are not able to share the final infographics that resulted from this work. 

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