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Design: Wireframes, Look and Feel, Design Philosophy
Research: Expert Review, Stakeholder Interviews
At a Glance

BroadSoft, acquired by Cisco, engaged our team to evaluate and redesign their telecommunication products. This engagement began with a project to conduct both research and design on the BroadCloud PBX cloud VOIP solution. With growing needs and a lack of direction on how to adapt the design, BroadSoft brought us on to help simplify their complex system while maintaining flexibility and customizability.


To do this, we leveraged our researchers’ expertise in both usability principles and stakeholder interviews in order to better understand the BroadCloud user experience. In parallel, a design concept was created to illustrate a new design direction with increased usability and appeal while reducing training and support costs. The new concept presents users with an easy-to-use, task-focused interface, helping users visualize complex information and data that is consumable and allows for quick action.

How we did it

BroadSoft had gone through several iterations of the portal over the course of 8 years before bringing us on to help. Up until that point, the UI was updated quarterly and new features were added on frequently. BroadCloud PBX was originally built for small-to-medium clients but was now serving larger clients with hundreds of users. They needed a new direction that ultimately delivered a simple, flexible, and customizable solution for their customers. This cloud-based solution visualized big data before big data was even being discussed, and our design team had to work to figure out how to visualize the information to make it much easier for a wide range of users to understand at a glance, and visually show the user relationships between functions and features.

How We Did It

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Our researchers sought to understand what issues the company’s directors could see and which ones the company’s partners were facing by conducting internal and external stakeholder interviews. From there, we conducted our own Expert Review based on usability principles, which focused on common use cases performed in the three main sections of the portal. Based on research findings, the design team defined and described a new Design Philosophy that BroadSoft could not only immediately adopt but also rely on moving forward as inevitable changes and additions would continue to be made to the portal.


Our design team redesigned the graphical user interface (GUI) for BroadCloud PBX, outlining a new design philosophy and delivering an overhaul of the product's look and feel. This new design was a total shift from a feature-based approach to one that was task-based.


Our engagement with BroadSoft has continued since our first project together and we've had the opportunity to conduct multiple rounds of research across other products in BroadSoft’s telecommunications system.

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