Cloud Computing
Design: UX/UI, Visual
Research: Expert Review, Stakeholder Interviews
Development: Front-End Development
At a Glance

Tracking hundreds of thousands of containers is a challenge in the best of circumstances. When you have a bad user interface, it becomes an almost impossible task.


Lineage came to us to design an industry-leading dashboard that allows multiple user roles to see activity across their system and easily resolve issues.

How we did it

Lineage's dashboard did not leave the impression that it was a trustworthy system equipped to handle the variety of tasks and roles that needed to be tracked simultaneously due to severe usability issues. Our challenge was to design a unified platform to manage the transfer of containers, mostly across the pacific, across different user roles, timelines, and areas of interest. To do this, we started from the beginning and redesigned the platform with a focus on building a scalable framework that would work for all users.



We conducted an expert review and stakeholder interviews that identified 3 distinct user types that each needed to be presented with need-to-know information associated with their roles to ensure thousands of containers could be managed simultaneously. Taking this information along with other needs and pain points uncovered through initial research, we created a design that allowed each role to see what mattered to them. The biggest difference between each role’s view was how much information was shown at once and how it was structured visually.

The Final

Our final design allowed each user to view the information they needed to see, when they needed to see it, and in a view that was most efficient for their work, all within a single platform. The biggest difference between each role’s view was how much information was shown at once and how it was structured visually. Our design allowed for some individuals to see what was happening with shipping containers in real-time, while other views presented the information as an infographic to quickly identify potential bottlenecks and issues.


Our intentional design created a consistent framework and seamless platform allowing multiple roles to work simultaneously while ensuring that even if your role changed within the company, the user would still know how to use the platform. 

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