Our Expertise
Products can’t just work. To stand out from the competition, a product needs to be easy to use and well suited to it’s environment. Our years of experience in combined UX and industrial design allows us to take a holistic approach to solving user needs in everything from game-changing medical devices to consumer products.
One Integrated Experience
By developing the interface and form factor of a product together, we can take a holistic approach to the interactions in a product experience resulting in a level of consistency and clarity that is unmatched in a siloed design process.
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Boston Scientific Remote Control
In this remote control redesign for Boston Scientific, we needed to make turning on/off stimulation and changing stimulation intensity as simple as possible while still providing access to complex controls. We achieved this by making simplified controls contrasting colors and physically grouping them within the interface. The interface takes on the same level of simplicity by only displaying feedback for the activated control. Complex controls are recessed and finished to match the remote body, making them feel secondary. Following a consistent model, the menu only offers more options once activated and users can navigate freely with the arrows.
Extreme Environments
Medical devices are often in harsh environments, whether it’s being sterilized in the autoclave or used in precision surgeries. At UEGroup we are used to designing for these challenges on top of regulation requirements, such as using materials that can survive harsh chemicals and temperatures or designing unmistakable form factors so the product can be used easily in high pressure situations.
Olympus Disruptive Design
We studied human factors, surgical behavior, disposable materials, and user needs to design an ergonomic form factor that makes reaching and removing the tonsil easier and more efficient. This design was the first in its class as a Disposable Tonsil Adenoid Debrider.
idea incubator
In the world of imminent deadlines and product releases, brave and innovative ideas for the future are rare to come by. Everyone is designing for the next release, but what about 5, 10, or even 15 years beyond that. At UEGroup we challenged ourselves to take emerging trends and technologies to design concept devices that may live in that future.
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Light Stick: Li-Fi transmitting Dongle
Li-fi is an emerging technology that is said to increase internet speeds by 100 times by transmitting signals through light. The Light Stick is a dongle that allows people to convert any device into a Li-Fi capable device. With the bug eye inspired lens, the Light stick can pick up light signals in a larger radius.
Our Process
We analyze the life of the product and design solutions around each interaction in the product life cycle. We test, combine, and refine successful ideas through our iterative process first focusing on form, function, and mechanics, then shifting that focus to the details that foster an emotional connection. Although this is our ideal process, we understand that each situation has unique needs and we craft a personalized process for each of our customers to best suite their needs and accomplish their goals.
We take the time to fully understand your business and product goals along with your customer's viewpoint to identify the direction and requirements necessary to create an interface best suited to your needs.
Focus Group
Stakeholder Interview
Product Demos
Volume Studies
Generate Concepts
We break down the constraints, goals, and interactions to generate as many concepts as possible around each problem. As the process continues, we combine and refine successful ideas until we reach a final concept.
Lo-Fi Mockups
Ideation Sketches
Found Mechanisms
Hi-Fi Mockups
Scenario maps
We like to have user input throughout the concept generation process so we can get their feedback on any amazing ideas and make sure we are meeting all of their needs.
User Testing
Focus Groups
Ergonomic Evaluation
We like to do multiple rounds of concept generation and user testing to build a refined and proven concept. The number of rounds depends on the scope of the project.
Once the basics of a design have been determined through concept generation, we focus on the details; experimenting with radius size, nob textures, or material finishes.
CAD models and renders can be misleading. The best way to understand the nuances of a design is to create physical models. This allows us to make well informed final tweaks to the form factor and proportions.
We provide all of the production assets necessary for your engineering team to take over and make the final design real.
Appearance Model
We Keep
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Cad Models
When it comes to CAD, we can do it all. Anything from complex organic forms to interlocking mechanisms, we can model it. We create beautiful life like renders using Alias or engineer ready specifications using SolidWorks. We can turn your CAD model into a physical object with 3D printing. We are very experienced creating print ready models with both resin and plastic based printers.
Physical Models
CAD models and renderings can be misleading when it comes to scale and proportion. The best way to understand the nuances of a design is to create physical models. We can create everything from quick volume studies, functional prototypes, and high-fidelity appearance models. We also have experience combining 3D models with digital prototypes to allow interaction with complete device experiences.
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The success of our designs is in the strength of our foundation. Each designer has their own unique perspective and specialties, making a well rounded team that can tackle any design problem from multiple angles.
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