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Competitive analysis helps you understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses across products, services, and overall business strategy to reveal market gaps and help evaluate how your business measures up. We evaluate all facets of your industry, users and future trends affecting your market to give you a holistic picture of the business landscape. Other research methods can be included within a competitive analysis for even more insights. For example, when paired with benchmarking, it becomes a powerful tool in identifying your niche and what improvements to your own strategy will result in the greatest ROI and how your product is improving with each iteration.    

Benchmarking is a metrics-based exercise where we gather ratings and scores to learn how your product measures up against the competition. You can also benchmark your product over time, tracking how each iteration improves the customer experience and where additional changes are needed during product development. In both cases, we are able to measure the business metrics that matter to you and quantify the user’s emotional experience interacting with the product.

What Sets Us Apart
Our insights team can create UX metrics based on the key business and product attributes important to your team and deliver visualizations to quickly identify opportunities to improve performance and share within your organization as a communication tool.

Our Value & Deliverables

As your partner for insights, we help you pinpoint strategic opportunities early to capitalize on the market. These methods should be performed early on in your process to inform strategy and future design directions. Whether it is new product features, an untapped market, or brand positioning, we gather the data necessary to make confident business decisions. At UEGroup, we believe competitive analysis and benchmarking can be valuable on their own, but even more powerful when a mixed methods approach is employed. Including additional methods such as stakeholder and user interviews, expert reviews, emotions and more, allows you to tap into deeper insights.

Understand your business and market landscape better

• User and stakeholder needs and wants

• Traditional competitive analysis

• Custom UX benchmark metrics

• Benchmark scorecards and interactive reports to visualize findings

• Emotions score

See it in Practice

Television has been around for almost a century, but the way people interact with the technology has changed – in this project, we helped our partners at DirectTV understand how these changes have manifested. We came up with custom UX benchmark metrics that allowed us to collect consistent data from 10 competitors across all platforms the products supported. The result was a clear look at where DirecTV’s performance stood in relation to competitors and what the company needed to do to take advantage.


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