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About the Service

Mixed methods user research combines quantitative and qualitative methods, tools, and question types for richer insights to achieve multiple research objectives in a single project. Collecting these insights together answers not only the “what” but also the “why”. At UEGroup, we enlist a variety of research approaches to rapidly deliver statistical analysis and the context behind the figures.

Data around user success metrics, preferences, and ratings gathered from quantitative research helps validate and inform your product decisions. By adding qualitative research takes it a step further, uncovering the motivations, behaviors and emotions behind customer decisions and surfacing questions you may not have thought to ask. The combination becomes a powerful tool, ideal for fast-paced teams and organizations.

What Sets Us Apart
As consumer insight experts, our researchers are knowledgeable across the full customer research spectrum and trained to execute on a variety of methods. We work fast and our unique tools, such as our proprietary emotion gathering technology, expose clear opportunities for product improvements and help identify trends to inform your decision-making process.

Our Value

Sometimes figuring out the right research method to answer your questions is difficult. When you’re combining multiple methods into a single study, well, that can muddy the waters even more. We listen to your needs and goals and based on that understanding recommend the best research mix, working hand-in-hand until the final deliverable. We use a mixed methods approach to truly understand the opportunities and follow it up with visual interactive journey maps, personas, and a research repository to help stakeholders understand the story.

Our capabilities include turnkey usability labs for in person testing, remote testing with our unique tools and partners, statistical analysis, worldwide participant recruiting and project management, and delivery of actionable insights.

Types of research methods we mix

See it in Practice

In recent years, Google has gotten serious about its move into hardware. As a company best known for the popular search engine, web browser, and other internet services, the introduction of new products called for a heavy infusion of the voice of the customer in every aspect from ergonomics to the device color. We completed multiple research sprints for the search engine giant which included a mixed methods approach combining interviews, usability testing, surveys and more to help the Google Pixel team understand customer preferences.


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