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Your product and business are unique, and the methods used to deliver insights can be tailored to deliver on the specific need-to-knows of your business. We help you establish baseline UX metrics to track performance over time and product releases. As your solution partner, we take the time to quickly come up to speed on problems and business needs to understand what is needed for success. We then leverage that business understanding and our knowledge of UX metrics to create customized benchmarking metrics based on your product and industry.

When you partner with our expert team, you gain access to metrics that quantify the unique, emotionally resonant experience your products provide to customers.

What Sets Us Apart
We’ve developed our own benchmarking method, Holistic UX Score, with an algorithm that takes into consideration observed behavior, participant feedback, and emotions to represent the entire user experience during research. It has been trusted by our partners across industries.

We Deliver Actionable,

Measurable Results

We work diligently to ensure the highest quality results and data integrity. That’s why we consider the multi-dimensional attributes at play with proper weighting in the metrics we create and meticulously craft a way to collect data that is consistent and reliable.

The metrics we create can be used across iterations and against competitors in order to show marked improvements across the product’s emotional experience. We provide thoughtful and useful insights based upon research, delivered in a visually compelling way. We can create calculators and visual scorecard outputs to use as a communication tool for your clients and stakeholders to tell the story of your product, UX patterns and growth.

Custom metrics can be applied to a variety of methods

In-person and remote usability testing


Hardware and mixed ecosystems

Competitive benchmarking

Diary study

See it in Practice

Home Entertainment, Reimagined.

Television has been around for almost a century, but the way people interact with the technology has changed – in this project, we helped our partners at DirectTV understand how these changes have manifested. We came up with custom UX benchmark metrics that allowed us to collect consistent data from 10 competitors across all platforms the products supported. The result was a clear look at where DirecTV’s performance stood in relation to competitors and what the company needed to do to take advantage.


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